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  • Turkey Run
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Past Presidents

Betty Hankin Shipley


Past President

Hello, my name is Betty Shipley.  My husband, Joseph and I, live on the east side of Tampa, I am honored that the club wants to interview me, but I am an unusual "retiree," as I love to work.  I have a part time job at Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa. I am a cashier in the Gift Shops, and have a different store each day that I work (3-5 days each week.). Not only do I have high Sales, but get to talk with guests from all over the world, and then, of course, get to share time and experiences with the children that come, educating them on how to feed the Lorikeet birds, giraffes, and stingrays. 

Prior to my retirement I worked for AAA Auto Club, for 40 years, the last 25 as an internal auditor. I loved every minute! Now I love Customer Service.

When I was first introduced to AACA, Hillsborough Region, in the early 1980’s, I owned a 1956 De Soto Firedome 8, two door hardtop, pink and white.  It was a beautiful original car with 49,000 miles, which was featured later in AUTOMOBILE magazine.  The editor saw the car on the road while in Tampa and arranged to take photos during his visit from Atlanta. 20 years later I received a copy of that magazine in the mail!

 My first husband, Stan Hankins, and I worked very hard in the 80s with the Region members to help area car enthusiasts enjoy the vehicles of yesteryear in shows, such as West Shore Mall, Tampa Bay Mall and East Lake Mall, displaying cars inside. Also special events such as the Brandon Fourth of July Parade,  Hot Air Balloon Festival at the Florida State Fairgrounds,  and even an exhibit at Disney with 6 special cars!   From 1986-1989 I wrote many auto related articles for AUTO PAGES Magazine. Stan passed away in 2001 with extended illnesses, but during his good years had owned numerous cars such as 58 Chevrolet Impala, 49 Ford, 40 Ford Coupe, and even a 23 T-Bucket. We were married 44 years and have a daughter, Doreen, who also shared the hobby with her 1969 Camaro, and her daily driver, a 1980 Pontiac Trans Am. She is still a car enthusiast, and married one.  

My second favorite car was a black and while '59 Corvette, and best of all was a 1986 Chevrolet Camaro IROC, dark red metallic. I even got to drive that car on the Daytona Speedway track along with my daughter, Doreen, in her 69 Camaro, to lead off one of the last IROC races held there.  

Since Joe Shipley and I married, we have owned more than 30 antique cars, some of which were restored and sold. We presently have a 1949 Dodge Meadowbrook. It is a fine running specimen, for those that never had the opportunity of appreciating cars of the past. (There is another life story here if you care to interview Joe and I at some time in the future.)

During my tenure with Hillsborough Region, while working at the Auto Club, I was able to persuade the executives into displaying Angelo Rumore's 1902 Replicar in the main office lobby on West Shore Blvd.  It gathered so much attention, the Club chose to purchase it from Angelo; then it was later sold to AAA headquarters in Orlando and displayed for a few years there, and then returned to Tampa Club again;  The vehicle was much appreciated by the Motor Club and finally given back to Angelo.  He has once again restored it to show quality today.  What a wonderful means to appreciate the wonderful world of automobiles from the past. 

My husband, Joseph, has numerous health conditions that limit our participation at many AACA events. But  we are excited to learn of the exciting plans for this new year with our new president, Brando Pistorius. We wish him the best and many "Thanks to Angelo" for his dedication to the Region.

Founding Charter Members

Richard Stephens

Alice Stephens

Louis B. Johnson

Riley Hogan

H.D. Pete Peters

James E. Hayes

Henry Shell

Charlie Shell

Elmer E. Owens

Eugene Hyde

Yvonne Hyde

Charles H. Phelps

Michele E. Phelps

Duane Foster

Henry Rogacki

Glenn R. Allen

Christopher L. Walton

Dick Stowers

James R. Stewart


Our Events

Members of Distinction

Angelo Rumore  


Past President 15 years!

From Angelo...

Dear Fellow Members,

             I wanted to thank everyone that has help me through my pass 15 terms as President of Hillsborough Region AACA. It has been a wonderful adventure that my family and I have enjoyed serving you as members since 1980. Last night it was my pleasure to pass on the Presidency to Brando Pistorius and for our club to prosper with new ideas and new leadership. Brando and Joanne have been loyal and hard working members of our Region since they joined us in 2008. Please give him the support that you have given me and help him make the region even better for your enjoyment. He will need your help to bring new members to our region. An increase in membership will mean more participation in our tours and outings, creating interest for others to join our club family.

            I’m not going away, it was just time to allow someone else to take the wheel and drive our region in a different direction. I will be serving as one of the Directors and will be at the other end of your phone calls when you need my help.


 Angelo Rumore, Jr.

Past President


Our History


From 1965 to 1974, those interested in antique cars belonged to Florida West Coast Region in Pinellas County, but the inconvenience of having to travel across the bay to attend meetings or outings enticed the Hillsborough members to have Florida West Coast Region sponsor them in forming their own region in Hillsborough County.

After writing AACA about forming a region, a letter is received on September 25, 1975 from Frederick Van Winkle along with an Application for Regional Chapter, Suggested Uniform By-laws for Regions and Applications for Membership in AACA.

On October 30, 1974, Dick Stephens wrote to members of AACA and old car buffs in the area about forming a region in Hillsborough County.

On November 15, 1974, a group of approximately 30 people interested in antique and collectable automobiles gathered at the Brandon Tampa Electric Company’s Leisure House at 7:30pm to form Hillsborough Region of the Antique Automobile Club of America. The Advantages of belonging to the national AACA were discussed and applications to both the national and local clubs were circulated. You had to be a member of the national club to belong to the local region. Dues for the national club was $8.50 or $11.50 for joint membership. This included 6 copies of the AACA magazine. Local dues were $5.00 for a family membership.19 signatures were obtained, four more then necessary. The Application for Region Charter is sent to AACA National Headquarters with the names of 19 Charter members.

January 15, 1975, AACA acknowledges receiving the application and will submit it to the National Board of Directors for approval at the Annual Meeting in Philadelphia.

On February 6, 1975, the AACA BOD approves the charter.

On February 23, 1975, Hillsborough Region is approved and Richard Stephens becomes the first President of Hillsborough Region AACA.

What started with 19 old car buffs has now grown to over 53 members. In the middle 80’s the membership swelled to over 100 members, but the aging, poor health, and death of older members eroded the membership. The popularity of street rods by younger potential future members slowed the membership process, but we have persevered and today we celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Hillsborough Region AACA.

Since 1975, Hillsborough Region has had 18 Presidents, many of which served multiple terms and two that were female. The leadership by these dedicated members maintained a steady course to preserve the antique car hobby in this area. The objective was always for them, their families, friends, and spectators to enjoy the cars of yesterday.

Betty Hankins, now Shipley was the first female presidents and one of the hardest working Presidents this region ever had.