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1964 Studebaker GT Hawk

“Gran Turismo”  2 door Hardtop Coupe


Brando Pistorius (813)917-9205

V-8, 289 cid, 210 hp, 2 barrel carburetor. Wheelbase 120.5 in, Length 204.0 in, Width 77.5 in, Curb weight 3,280 lb, Engine # PN318

Factory installed radio… that really works! Original Owner’s Manual, Jack and Spare Wheel.

NEW paint, NEW tires, NEW carpet, and the upholstery is in excellent condition.

Studebaker Embossed Safety Belts and Key Ring. "3 on the tree" Standard Transmission. 

The Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk (or GT Hawk), a sporty coupe sold between 1962 and 1964, was the final development of the Studebaker Hawk series. For the 1964 model year, the GT saw some extensive design changes. The new, smooth trunk lid bore a script "Studebaker Hawk" nameplate. Grille changes were made, with two new features: a Hawk emblem was centered in the grille, and a circle-S hood ornament graced the top of the grille shell. The most notable exterior change involved the top of the car, and in the interior a larger upper-instrument-panel pad and a new lower-instrument-panel pad,  and horizontal pleats on the side upholstery panels (replacing vertical ones). And, for the first time, Hawk buyers could order an AM-FM radio as a factory-installed option.

Andy Granatelli, then president of Studebaker's Paxton Products Division, took two 1964-model Gran Turismo Hawks to the Bonneville Salt Flats in September and October 1963. Studebaker considered the GT Hawk very much a European-style GT, and accordingly the car was sold in Europe and elsewhere.

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1952 Lincoln Capri

2 door Convertible

“Designed for Modern Living.”


The Capri was sold by Lincoln for the 1952 through 1959 model years. It is this car that earned the “Hot Rod Lincoln” term, having won the top four spots in the Stock Car category of the Pan American Road Race in both 1952 and 1953. 14,342 Capris were sold in its debut year. The Capri had a new Lincoln 90 degree, 317 cu in (5.5 L) 2-bbl. Overhead V8 . It has slab sides, with projecting headlights, raised fender crowns, and a pronounced rear fender line. The grille was almost completely involved on the bumper. In the October, 1952 issue of Popular Mechanics, a Lincoln Capri was tested, 0-60 mph time was 14.8 seconds, while the quarter-mile was 21.3 seconds. The Capri was also one of the first vehicles to offer an automatic headlight dimmer as optional equipment.

The most significant improvements were underneath, with the first ball-joint front suspension, doing away with king-pins, and a completely redesigned frame, with six cross-members and K-type reinforcement. Wheelbase 123.0 in, Length 1952: 214.0 in, Width 77.5 in, Height 62.6 in, Curb weight 4,600 lb

"Son, you're gonna' drive me to drinkin' if you don't stop drivin' that Hot Rod Lincoln."


Brando Pistorius (813)917-9205

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Custom Made Trunks to fit your antique car. Made of 1/2” sanded plywood, assembled with glue and screws,  Black or brown vinyl covering (other coverings are available), removable tray with felt bottom,chrome plated locking laches, hinges, trunk handle brackets and natural leather truck handles. Trunk shown is; 34’L X 13”W X 20” H (fits Ford Model A rack.) $450.00, price may vary according to size and features you may request.  7 to 10 days delivery.

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