Lakeland Carlisle Car Show February 2016

June Social at East Bay Raceway

2018 Kentucky Derby Party

6th Annual AACA Hillsborough All-American Heritage Picnic @ Pistorius Collectible Autos

2017 Tour to Dade City

Holiday Party 2016

Annual Meeting January 11, 2017

Holiday Outing at the Gaylord in Orlando to see "ICE"

December 2015

Lunch with Larry Rumore, March 2016

Congratulations John Peters, on your AACA Grand National Award!

July Monthly Meet-up at Terry and Ron Martins home. Ron spoke on his recent trip to Cuba!

April 2017 Tour & Meet-up

2018 Cooks Museum Tour

February 2017 Meet-up at The Stone Soup Co. Cafe in Ybor City

June Meet-up at Streetside Classics

2018 Annual Meeting

First Monthly Meet-up at Pistorius Collectible Autos. Happy 41st Anniversary AACA Hillsborough! Feb. 2016

2018 All-American Heritage Picnic at Old Wheel Restorations, Pistorius Home

August Meet-up at Howie & Barb Mednick's home

2019 Gasparilla Concours d'Elegance

May Meet-up at

Shriner's Hospital for Children

2017 Holiday Party

July Social- Boating with Elton Marcus from St. Pete to Sea Critters Restaurant

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join us at our Meet-ups, Socials and other Car Events. Bring a friend! Below are some photos of the good times we are having...

2016 All-American Heritage Picnic & Car Show at Pistorius Collectible Autos

Monthly Meet-up at Reeves Motorsports, April 13, 2016

Peerless National Meet, April 1-3, 2016

‚ÄčPistorius' Annual Heritage Picnic

September, 2015

Zephyrhills Car Show, Feb. 2016

Kentucky Derby Party May, 2016, hosted by Richard and Patti Nasrallah

Devereaux-Kaiser Car Show, Lakewood Ranch, FL January 2016

Clearwater Capitol Theatre Car Show, Jan. 2016

Halloween Party 2016