Lakeland Carlisle Car Show February 2016

July Monthly Meet-up at Terry and Ron Martins home. Ron spoke on his recent trip to Cuba!

April 2017 Tour & Meet-up

Devereaux-Kaiser Car Show, Lakewood Ranch, FL January 2016

Annual Meeting January 11, 2017

June Social at East Bay Raceway

Monthly Meet-up at Reeves Motorsports, April 13, 2016

2018 All-American Heritage Picnic

Lunch with Larry Rumore, March 2016

2018 Kentucky Derby Party

6th Annual AACA Hillsborough All-American Heritage Picnic @ Pistorius Collectible Autos

February 2017 Meet-up at The Stone Soup Co. Cafe in Ybor City

First Monthly Meet-up at Pistorius Collectible Autos. Happy 41st Anniversary AACA Hillsborough! Feb. 2016

July Social- Boating with Elton Marcus from St. Pete to Sea Critters Restaurant

Clearwater Capitol Theatre Car Show, Jan. 2016

Hillsborough AACA presents

Peerless National Meet, April 1-3, 2016

‚ÄčPistorius' Annual Heritage Picnic

September, 2015

June Meet-up at Streetside Classics

2017 Holiday Party

Holiday Party 2016

Holiday Outing at the Gaylord in Orlando to see "ICE"

December 2015

Halloween Party 2016

2016 All-American Heritage Picnic & Car Show at Pistorius Collectible Autos

2018 Annual Meeting

May Meet-up at

Shriner's Hospital for Children

2017 Tour to Dade City

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join us at our Meet-ups, Socials and other Car Events. Bring a friend! Below are some photos of the good times we are having...

2018 Cooks Museum Tour

Congratulations John Peters, on your AACA Grand National Award!

August Meet-up at Howie & Barb Mednick's home

Zephyrhills Car Show, Feb. 2016

Kentucky Derby Party May, 2016, hosted by Richard and Patti Nasrallah